Few stories in American automotive history can match or exceed the events of this 1928 Chevrolet National AB Coach, known as TheForgottenChevy. Some cars are rare, some cars are valuable, some cars are original, some cars are restored, some cars have a known ownership genealogy, some cars have original documentation, and some cars are just unique in their own right. But nowhere, based on our research of 14 years to date, have we found any single car that blends as many of these attributes as this in a single vehicle. Its uniqueness and originality is based on the fact that it was purchased new on April 28, 1928 in Indianapolis, Indiana, driven to the purchaser’s home, parked in their garage (known as a carriage house), placed on blocks with 12 original miles on the odometer, and NEVER driven again during the original owner’s lifetime. It was fully restored to original driving condition in 1993-1994 by two car enthusiasts just a few short miles from its original location. This started the second journey of the vehicle through 8 new owners, ending up in its last family of ownership in 2000 with 18 original miles on the odometer.

Research into genealogy, any genealogy, is a process of finding, identifying and collecting hard facts, documents, materials, etc., but it is also a process of obtaining statements and comments from individuals. However, mere statements alone cannot be considered fact until vetted/verified from several independent sources or other artifacts. Until then these are merely unverified comments or rumors at best. Many of these comments and rumors will be mentioned in this genealogy report, but only those that have been independently verified will be included in drawing conclusions about TheForgottenChevy. Some other statements and/or rumors collected over the past decade may be mentioned to lend validity to other verified statements and conclusions, while others will not be mentioned or included as they are still the subject of ongoing research and verification.

Research of the type that went into TheForgottenChevy is NOT the work of any one individual, just like the preservation of the vehicle over 86 years was not the result of any one owner. It is the work of many people who will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the history and research of TheForgottenChevy.

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